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Boutique Small Class Daycare
With Only 4-6 Children Per Class


Lili’s Bilingual Mandarin Daycare

Love, Give, and Thrive

Lili’s Bilingual Mandarin Daycare is a boutique small-class daycare located in San Francisco, California. We focus on caring for infants and young children aged 0-5. To ensure that each child receives meticulous care, the number of students in our daycare is always limited to 4-6. We are committed to providing professional and dedicated childcare, giving parents peace of mind and ensuring children's happiness.


Lili, the owner of Lili’s Bilingual Mandarin Daycare, has nearly 20 years of parenting experience in the United States. She is passionate about childcare and education. Lili not only wholeheartedly devotes herself to the daily work with children but also constantly updates her knowledge of the latest theories and practices in early childhood education through ongoing studies. In order to better serve infants and young children from different cultures, backgrounds, languages, personalities, and ages, Lili continues to take early childhood education courses (ECE) at City College of San Francisco. Additionally, she undergoes pediatric CPR and first aid training every two years.


Combining rich practical experience with theoretical knowledge, Lili has designed a diverse curriculum for the children. The curriculum includes games, reading, drawing, singing, physical activities, and nap time. These specialized courses are highly beneficial for the cognitive and physical development of young children, helping them develop strong bodies, healthy minds, and good lifestyle habits that will greatly benefit them in the future. Furthermore, most of these courses are conducted in Chinese (Mandarin), supplemented by English, allowing children to immerse themselves in a Chinese language environment and lay a solid foundation for future language learning.


Lili was born in China, where Mandarin is her first language, and she is fluent in English for communication. Prior to immigrating to the United States, Lili obtained an associate's degree in China and worked as a Chinese language teacher in elementary schools.


G. C.

Lili has been caring for our child for 2.5 years. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Lili is. She is truly caring and passionate about child development. She understands our child's individual needs and tailors the care and experiences to help him develop. Lili is always diligently introducing new toys, activities and music to the kids. She also cooks delicious homemade food which my child loves like no other food. As a first time mother, I often consult with Lili about my child and respect her knowledge and experience tremendously. The blend of fun, love and developmentally appropriate activities (including Mandarin immersion) is so perfect for our child and I am grateful every day we have Lili in our lives.

G. L.

Both my kids have been taken care of - and loved - by Lili since they were 3 months old (one is now 2, the other is 5). Lili provides a welcoming and loving place for them to grow up, nurturing each child according to their personality and also fostering a sense of family within the daycare. And the kids learn so much - Mandarin, music, art, imaginative play - she is always stimulating their imaginations through new games and toys. As a bonus, she feeds them delicious homemade meals. Both my kids are bilingual English/Mandarin and already have a love of music and dancing thanks to Lili. She is extraordinarily trustworthy and careful, particularly during COVID, and keeps us all up to date on our kids' activities with daily pictures and videos. I cannot recommend Lili's Day Care highly enough.

A. B.

Our child has attended Lili's Day Care for 2 1/2 years. We highly recommend. Lili is attentive, friendly, and has helped immensely with raising our child. She is careful to create a safe and fun environment for the daycare children, but the best gift is that she prioritizes creating a loving, kind, and considerate environment to help teach the daycare children to be the same: loving, kind, and considerate. There are many activities such as drawing, learning the alphabet, counting in Mandarin, cooking, reading, dancing, and piano lessons even from a young age. There are also so many toys that have become favorites with the children; I believe the toys are rotated through to keep them novel with the children. Our child is learning Mandarin at this daycare, even as their English vocabulary has grown immensely. Our child loves the food at Lili's as well! We highly recommend.

C. W.

I have known Lili for 14 years, she helped raise my two sons. She's incredibly caring and responsible. I never had any worries when she was looking after them, she constantly thinks about the wellbeing and happiness of the children she's looking after. She truly loves children and they love her, plus they will learn Mandarin!


Professional, Dedicated, Bilingual

Personalized Care

With small class sizes of 4-6 children, we provide personalized care to meet the unique needs of each child.

Bilingual Environment

We focus on cultivating children's Chinese (Mandarin) communication skills and laying the foundation for children's Chinese enlightenment.

Professinal Curriculum

Our curriculum encompasses activities such as reading, drawing, singing, physical exercises, and games, fostering the cognitive and physical development of young children.

Skill Development

We prioritize the development of children's life and social skills, assisting them in forming good habits and nurturing their awareness of friendship, sharing, and cooperation.

Safety and Care

Our facilities meet the high standards set by the state of California for daycares, and our staff members possess extensive professional knowledge and experience in childcare.




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